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Policy and Implementation Recommendations

The fifth project result is Policy and Implementation Recommendations, as well as good practice examples to support the recommendations.

The Policy and implementation recommendations will be based on all the knowledge from the needs assessment, the scoping review, the evaluation results and the practical experiences that the partners have gained throughout the project, and will have as objective to raise political awareness about the importance of creating new kinds of internships within the medical education programs. The good practice examples will arise from the testing phase carried out in the partner countries and from the close collaboration with students, teaching staff and internship

Co-ordinators, which have been documented through the implementation and evaluation report. The good practice examples will ensure the usability of the Innovative Framework and improve the sustainability of the project, as they will be there to inspire and motivate other external stakeholders, assisting them to start and take the first step, and will therefore in exploitation of the project results.

Trinity College Dublin will be the coordinator of this PR, and the following activities are foreseen.

  1. Creating dialogue with ministries, ensuring alignment with the national policies, standards and rules for health education.

  2. Creating dialogue with the European Reference group. The purpose is to get input to the needs assessment and the scoping review, bringing European added value to the knowledge base before using it to develop the Innovative Framework. Furthermore, the European reference group will give input to the Innovative Framework and the first testing results will be discussed.

  3. Development of Implementation and Policy Recommendations. On national level, the recommendations will focus on how the Innovative Framework can become an accepted standard in national health education programs to organize and implement internships. On European level, the recommendations will focus on how transfer of good practices from the project can be lifted to EU level and serve as inspiration for others.

  4. Development of Good Practice examples will be made and will take the viewpoint of both students, teaching staff and internship coordinators. As part of the good practice examples, a list of implementation recommendations will be developed focusing on the importance of contextualization when working and implementing the Innovative framework.